Space Club 2 Gram Galaxy Bar Liquid Diamonds 3rd Gen (Master Pack) Complete Set (Stickers, Box’s, Mastercase) *Empty Packaging*

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Space Club Disposable, you’ve tried space Club live resin disposable products but now it’s time to kick it up a notch with their cannabinoid-rich Power Blend 3rd gen disposables! Space Club Disposable 2g is made up of a mixture of Delta 8, THC-O, and THC-P. Space Club Badder, Rosin and Diamond has added extremely high-quality terpenes to this Power third gen of space club to add to the potency of the mixture. Each Space Clubs contains 1 gram of premium distillate and is rechargeable with a USB cable. Currently, there are 6 flavors available from Space Club live resin disposable. Do not take our word for it, try Space Club Disposable for yourself. Our core product line includes carefully crafted vape cartridges.

Items are Non-Refundable and Non-Exchangeable. **PACKAGING ONLY**

Put simply, THC oil cartridges are mini tanks that are filled with oils extracted from cannabis plants. Most are 510 thread cartridges that have a small coil at the bottom to connect with a 510 thread battery. Once connected, and by powering up the vape pen battery, heat is applied to the THC oil cartridge for vaporizing and inhaling.

Typically, THC oil vape cartridge refills come in 1 g or 0.5 g amounts and deliver anywhere from 200-400 hits. Due to their highly convenient nature, an increasing number of consumers are buying THC oil cartridges to use on the go. Plus, they’re odor is less than flower and dissipates more quickly.

The Benefits of THC Oil Carts

While we’ve mentioned some advantages of THC oil cartridges, let’s more clearly define their benefits in case you’re still on the fence.

  1. Convenient for on-the-go use
  2. Discreet and practically odorless
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Flavorful & potent
  5. Maybe a healthier alternative to smoking



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